OVO- Vegan, Vegetarian, Flexitarian

A few days ago, my bestie and I went to a restaurant called @Ovokwt (apparently it wasn’t a newly opened one!). The place was so hidden! It’s basically a hallway of an apartment building!

The first time i went, forgot my camera at home (good job me! #sarcasm) …. so i made it an excuse to go to the restaurant again the same week with my Mom! by same week i mean 2 days later haha

I do recommend you guys calling ahead of time and reserving your table because the place does pack up pretty quickly.

The ambience of the place is just….amazing! I loved the furniture they used. There’s indoor and outdoor seating. I suggest with the lovely weather nowadays you sit outside. The music playing in the background makes you feel like you’re not even in Kuwait! Places like this really do put a smile on my face. And of course the staff!!! All of them were so sweet and attentive ♡

The food was awesome! I ordered vegetarian and vegan dishes and all of them were delicious. I loved their skinny avocado pizza the most and so did my mom. For dessert, we settled for a vegan chocolate mable cake and a date kunafa with caramel sauce. The kunafa is something i’m willing to come back to and have again and again and again! It.Was.So.Gooooooood.

The awesome staff 
Kale Taboulah
Pumpkin Hummus
Skinny Avocado Pizza
Coconut Fusion
the sweet sweet stuff
Til death due us apart! Date Kunafa

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