Dabbing at Dubai Parks & Resorts

Dubai City has been growing wildly for the past few years. We were so excited to hear about the new “Dubai Parks” being opened up and we had to go see them for ourselves. Usually parks as awesome as these open up in further countries, but now that we have them in the Middle East, YAY!!!

Obviously they weren’t 100% done and they are working on expanding some of those parks even more! (also there was a park we didn’t have time to visit!!! (Bollywood)).

It took us around 40 to 45 minutes to reach the parks from our hotel near the Burj Khalifa area.

The parks are: Motion Gate, Lego Land, and Bollywood.

دبي كل تصير أحلى و أحلى ما شاء الله. و الحين اففتتحوا حدائق جديدة مثل الي في الدول الأجنبية

تبعد هذه الحدائق تقريبا ٤٠ إلى ٤٥ دقيقه من برج خليفة

انصحكم تزورون هذي الحدائق لان جدا ممتعة

Day 1: Motion Gate Park

It was our favorite!

I had my youngest one with me (18 months old) so bathrooms/baby changing facilities were something i looked out for! Everything was available at every corner in the park and they were sparkly squeaky clean! (Win!) (haha im such a mom)

the park was divided into different sections. From what i remember, there was Dream Works, Colombia Pictures, and…. ok sorry i forgot haha

It was similar to the Universal Studios in Florida! (if you’ve been). Thats what i liked about the place. As i walked in, i was forgetting that i was still in the Middle East!

Shows were taking place in the streets of the park. There were dressed up characters also where you can take pictures with them….and yes my kids were dabbing their way!

حبينا مدينة موشن جيت وايد. كانت جدا ممتعة الصراحه و اليهال وايد استانسوا فيها.

كنت مسافره مع ولدي الصغير و اهم شيء عندي كان وانتوا بكرامه الحمامات! كانت نظيفه جدا! و بكل زاوية في المدينه

المكان حسسني ولا كأني في دوله خليجية

Day 2: Lego Land

Next to the Lego Land entrance, there was a Lego Land Waterpark which i believe will be opening soon (just in time for summer!). Lego Land was a bit crowded.

So. Many. Kids! actually…. Too. Many. Kids! haha

Bathrooms: they were being cleaned constantly because kids were being…kids! hehe but of course they were available also in every corner.

I believe Lego Land is ONLY for kids compared to Motion Gate. MY kids really did enjoy themselves, especially the youngest one. He was having so much fun at the kiddy playground where there were silicon lego pieces.

However, i did love the “Lego Museum” they had on display. Their shops were also fun to visit.

مدينه ليقو لاند كانت حلوه للاطفال. أكثر واحد استانس فيها كان ولدي الصغير عمره سنه و نص

بجنب بوابة المدينه كان في بوابه ثانيه للمدينه المائية لليقو لاند لكن ليلحين ما اففتتحوها لما كنا هناك

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