Burj Al Arab Luxury

The family and I decided to travel to Dubai for a weekend (3 nights). We were planning on trying out a new hotel at the Jumeirah beach front called “Al Naseem“. Instead, we ended up booking at “Burj Al Arab” which was insanely expensive but sooooo worth the stay!

I was smart enough to leave my camera in Kuwait *sarcasm* but yay for smartphone cameras!


The best part about this hotel is that once you walk in, you’re already checked in! Your room is ready and you can finish the paper work at the office desk INSIDE the room. While the receptionist was finishing off the paper work, the floor’s butler gave us a tour inside the room.

I was told that all the rooms at Burj Al Arab are two floors. For me, that’s a yay and nay! 

YAY: bigger room space, more bathrooms, when ordering inroom dining the bedroom won’t smell like food afterwards because you can eat downstairs in the livingroom.

NAY: STAIRS!!! ok i did get enough cardio going up and down those stairs but i had a 2 year old son who thinks stairs are made to run on!


I loved loved loved how within minutes, the crew at Burj Al Arab came in and installed two SAFETY GATES (one at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom) just so i wouldn’t worry so much during my stay. THANK YOU!!!!!!

The butler also showed us that on the TV remote control, there is a “butler call” button where i can easily press the button and he/she would come and ring the door bell. If i was upstairs and was too lazy to go down and open the door, all i had to do was press the “open door” button on the remote! I thought that was too awesome hehe (im so lazy!)

The Gym was amazing and had all the facilities available and it was huge!

I did not try the spa *sad face* but did take pictures at the reception and the smell was amaaaazing! It is Talise Spa. I have heard about it and saw pictures online. I do plan to try it out one time.

There was a kid’s club play area near the spa which my 2 year old son enjoyed. If your child is a bit older, you can leave them inside the play area while you sit in the library hall (right next to the kid’s club). There is a staff member there watching over the kids.

When living at Burj Al Arab, you and your family get FREE access to Wild Wadi Waterpark which is only 3 minutes away by the hotel buggy.

The Burj Al Arab experience was AWESOME and the staff were very friendly and attentive. If you get a chance to book for at least two nights, DO IT! one night is not enough in this place.

بالويك اند أنا والأهل قررنا نسافر دبي و نجرب فندق جديد في الجميرا إسمه النسيم. لكن على آخر دقيقه قررنا نسكن في برج العرب

الفندق خيال الخيال!   و أحلى و أريح شيء انك أول ما تدخل الفندق، ما تنطر توقع أوراق و كل هذا الكلام

سيده يدخلونك غرفتك و هناك تسوي كل اجراءاتك معاهم براحتك

أول ما دخلت الغرفه تأزمت من الدرج لان ولدي الصغير عمره سنتين و يموووووت على انه يركض على الدرج 

بس الحلو بالفندق انهم بخلال دقايق ركبوا لنا باب خشب صغير من فوق الدرج و تحت. هذا الشيء صج خلاني ارتاح نفسيا! هههه

إلي مسافر مع عياله و قرر يسكن في فندق برج العرب، يقدر يودي عياله غرفه الالعاب الي صايره جنب السبا .  و نفس الوقت يخليهم هناك على ما تروحون السبا أو تقعدون في ممر المكتبه.

داخل مكان اللعاب في وحده من الفدق تكون معاهم

كل غرف الفندق عباره عن شقه دورين. الدرج متعب لكن هم مسهلين لك الشيء إنك إذا كنت قاعد في غرفه النوم فوق، و حد يطرق الباب/جرس تقدر تضغط على زر في الرموت و يفتح لهم الباب. ( قبل لا تفتح الباب طبعا شاشه التلفزيون توريك منو بره ههه) طبعا أنا كل ما حد يطق الباب سيده فتحته بالزر من الكسل إلي فيني هههه

و طبعا سكان برج العرب لهم دخول مجاني للمدينه المائيه وايلد وادي. تبعد ٣ دقائق بسياره الفندق.


Lobby/ Reception Area in the Hotel


The Gym

The downstairs living room/office area (there was also a guest bathroom)

The bedroom and master bathroom

every day we got small treats (gifts actually) on our bed. The best one was when we first arrived inside the bathroom they had a his and her Hermes perfume which was perfect since i forgot my perfume back in Kuwait

كل يوم كانوا يحطون على الفراش هدايه صغيره. أحلى شيء حصلته هو أول يوم في الحمام كان في عطر رجالي و نسائي ماركة 


الصراحة يت بوقته لاني كنت ناسيه عطري في الكويت

Spa, library hall and kid’s club play area

saftey burj al arab

The Safety Gate 

The International Breakfast Buffet


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